So, what does The Dutch mean?

Nothing really. It’s just an American joint that serves nice food, wine and spirits.

Nice here! Who did all this anyway?

Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard and Luke Ostrom. Collectively, they’ve clocked over six decades in the business.

Oh, yea. Those guys. They’ve also got….

Locanda Verde, Joe’s Pub and The Library at The Public, Lafayette and Bar Primi. There’s also another outpost of The Dutch down in Miami Beach. See? It’s all part of their company, NoHo Hospitality Group.

Yup, that’s them. So, what’s good here anyway?

We cook things that make us happy, like a seasonal green market salad; a deluxe steak with a tower of shellfish; tasty sandwiches; flavorful curry or chili; homey fried chicken and fresh pie or something altogether surprising and new. You should really check out the menus.

Do you buy local?




Make your own hot sauce?


Sounds interesting. What do you call that? Is it Dutch food?

It’s American food.

Who is the chef?

Andrew Carmellini. He’s been in New York a good while and even has a couple cookbooks –Urban Italian and American Flavor. Oh look, here are some nifty web links: this and this.

Who designed the restaurant?

Roman + Williams.

What about the graphics and menus?

Common Space Studio.

What’s the deal with getting a table here?

Just call 212-677-6200 and reserve up to 30 days in advance. We also hold tables for walk-in guests. Come on by.

I just might do that. Do they take AmEx?

Totally. We accept Visa, MasterCard, America Express, cash and sell gift cards too.

How do I get my hands on one of those gift cards?

Gift cards to The Dutch can be purchased at the restaurant or online via this handy link right here.


This ain’t no country club, but it’s no ball game either. This is New York. Do what you feel, but keep it fresh.

What if I need a little privacy?

We have a 18-seat private room downstairs that comes with its own bar and full audio / visual hook up. You can learn more here.

What about drinks?

Glad you asked. The list is long and the night is young. Specialties of the bar include cocktails mixed with respectable American spirits, a wine list covering all territories and price ranges including a reserve list, and a nice stock of craft beers too. Check out the beverage menus.

What is the corkage fee?

That’s $35 per bottle, please. Two bottle maximum.